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Most ‘health’ bars feature an endless list of questionable ingredients such as chemical additives, high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils. These ‘healthy’ snacks are often high in so called ‘empty’ calories and low in nutrition, leaving you feeling hungry and unsatisfied.

Simply Raw bars are made of organic natural ingredients without additives, putting an end to cravings leaving you satisfied, energised, full of nutrition and healthy. Recent studies have shown that eating one Simply Raw bar per day satisfies your appetite and prevents you from overeating. Eat simply. Eat raw. Be healthy.

Why Organic

Certified Organic products are grown and processed without the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilisers, or Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO). Many pesticides approved for use by the EPA were registered long before extensive research linking these chemicals to cancer and other diseases had been established. Pesticides are poisons designed to kill living organisms and can also harm humans. In addition to cancer, pesticides are implicated in birth defects, nerve damage and genetic mutations.

Organic based ingredients have been shown in a number of studies to contain more vitamins, nutrients, more flavour and cancer-fighting antioxidants than non-organic ingredients. Our ingredients are grown in fields that are pesticide free, keeping waterways, local communities and the planet clean, as organic farmers aim towards sustainability whilst having best management of the environment and wildlife as a priority.

Pea Protein

Pea Protein is said to be one of the most perfect Proteins for human consumption. It’s benefits over both animal and other vegetable Proteins include:

  • Ease of digestion
  • Lack of allergens
  • Ideal amino acids for sports

Some users find soy and other sources of Protein difficult to digest, but because of it’s unique composition, Pea Protein has been found to be amongst the most digestible source of Protein available. Soy, whey, egg and animal-based protein supplements have all been shown to produce allergic reactions in some people and their potential for allergic reactions can increase with repeated use.

Peas may also be an effective way to fight high blood pressure and kidney disease, according to a 2009 Canadian study reported in Medical News Today. The researchers found that Pea Protein extracts were of more value than natural peas because of the enzymes that are used in the Protein extraction process. If you suffer from indigestion and other stomach problems you may want to try Pea Protein powder to see if you find some relief.

  • Perhaps most importantly for sports enthusiasts, Pea Protein contains an ideal combination of essential amino acids for sports performance:
  • Lysine, for balanced nitrogen levels in muscles
  • Arginine promotes muscle metabolism and a healthy heart
  • Glutamine helps restore nitrogen balance after a heavy workout
  • Leucine, isoleucine and valine (branched-chain amino acids) help maintain tissues during exercise

If you are trying to burn fat and lose weight, Pea Protein is a low calorie, nutrient dense addition to your diet. ​It is difficult to find Paleo Protein powders that completely adhere to the guidelines of a Paleo lifestyle, but Pea Protein is as close as you can get. If you find a completely natural Pea Protein powder that does not contain GMOs or other unnatural ingredients, you can consider this type of Protein Powder an addition to your Paleo diet.

Simply Raw products are made using only organic ingredients and our Pea Protein is free of added sweetener. ​For more information on this topic, please check out Natural Therapy Pages for great resources on Health and Wellbeing.


Cacao is nature’s top weight loss and high energy food, which is rich in antioxidants - the anti-aging nutrients (vitamins and minerals) and enzymes (proteins inside the body) that can help to prevent and repair damage to your body's tissue. A high source of Vitamin C is preserved in raw cacao, unlike heated processed dark chocolate.

Cacao contains over 300 compounds including: protein, fiber, iron, zinc, calcium and magnesium. Magnesium is a muscle relaxant associated with feelings of calmness. The sulfur in cacao also helps form strong nails and hair. Cacao contains the phenylethylamine (PEA), which is an adrenal-related chemical that we create naturally when we get excited and fall in love. It also plays a role in feeling focused and alert. Another "bliss" found in cacao is the lipid Anandamide, which increases your mood and decreases depression.


Lucuma is a nutritionally dense fruit and contains high levels of fiber, niacin, iron which improves the immune system and physical endurance, carotene, vitamin B3, and other B vitamins. Lucuma helps reduce cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.


Nuts are not just high in minerals, copper, omega-3 and zinc, but also help lower cholesterol, protect against heart disease, and improve blood vessel function. Eating 30 grams of nuts daily can reduce your risk of heart disease.

Western diets have an intake ratio of 15 times more omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids, which can cause cardiovascular disease, cancer, and inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. Higher intakes of omega-3 fatty acids or a 1:1 ratio have been shown to decrease cardiovascular disease, cancer risk, help relax blood vessels, and manage inflammatory conditions including arthritis and asthma.

Consuming more nuts and reducing the consumption of omega-6 rich foods like eggs and wheat will stabilise the fatty acid balance.The fiber in nuts normalises bowel movements, increasing colon health, maintaining bowel health, lowering blood cholesterol, helping to control blood sugar levels, and aiding in weight loss.

Nuts is also a high source of vitamin E, which has the ability to seek out and neutralize potentially damaging chemicals, in theory preventing damage to body tissues and red blood cells. Vitamin E is also essential for healthy skin, proper immune function, DNA repair, and other metabolic processes. Overall, nuts are a tasty and nutritious component of a healthy, balanced diet.

Medjool Dates

Medjool Dates are widely regarded as the “diamond of all dates” with the best quality and richest flavour. Medjool Dates are a good source of fiber and contain high levels of the essential minerals potassium, magnesium, copper, and manganese and are a good alternative to caloric desserts. In the Middle East where Medjool Dates grow wild, they are a popular food for nomadic travellers as they provide a lot of energy and healthful nutrients.

One Simply Raw Bar each day keeps you healthy, energised and satisfied!


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